Announcement – JMB 2016/17

Annoncement prior to the Minutes of AGM & that of the Committee Meeting 1-2016/17 who committee members are, namely:-

Teo Ming Chin – Chairman
David Lim – Secretary
Liew Chee Young – Treasurer
Wilfred Ling
Adrian Ng
Mohd Suhaimi Abdullah

… and that all motions at our AGM were passed unopposed, as vote of confidence in our committee.

This is to advise you that there was a nomination process malfunction to nominate Klaus Ian Lienau to the 2016/17 Joint Management Committee as per item 10 of the Notice of the 2nd Annual General Meeting, which would question the legitimacy. However, the JMB have appointed Klaus Ian Lienau as the advisor for MB related & other matters.

–The Management–

3 thoughts on “Announcement – JMB 2016/17”

  1. Thanks for the Update. Is good to know our Klaus is the Adviser n we are still in Good Hand despite the Nominations Malfunction

    1. Hi there, can someone pls explain what does your post meant on “Nominations Malfunction” posted here? Sorry, I didn’t managed to attend the 2nd AGM hence missing quite abit…

      Was not following on the nomination processes actually

      Nevertheless, Congrats on the Nominated Committees & thanks for the hard work & contributions by both the “Old” & Upcoming “New” Committee members selected

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