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Tennis Court Booking Terms and Conditions

  1. The Tennis Courts are open from 7.00 am to 10.00 pm daily. Bookings are made in advance on a first-come-first served basis; and each Unit is entitled to a maximum of two (2) x one hour sessions per day and ten(10) x one hour sessions per week. Guests are not allowed to book ; only Owners or Tenants are eligible for tennis court booking. A fee may be charged for the use of court by Guests. The fee for the Guests is payable upon confirmation of booking and (fee) posted on our notice board and website. All users shall vacate the court when the reservation period expires.
  2. A booking shall be deemed cancelled if the Resident is not at the court within 15 minutes of the time booked and thereafter, the Tennis Court becomes available for booking for the remainder of that hour. Bookings are not transferable, and to discourage frivolous bookings, Residents who booked and cancelled two (2) bookings without making proper cancellations will be barred from the use of the Tennis Court for the next four (4) weeks.
  3. And in the event of rain, item 2 will not apply.
  4. The maximum number of persons, including Guest(s) per Unit shall not exceed six (6) at any one time for tennis game shall not exceed twelve(12) for futsal match. The Resident must accompany the Guest(s) at all times. All Guest(s) must be registered in the Guest Book at the Guard House.
  5. The Resident who has made the booking shall be responsible to ensure that the Tennis Court is not used for any purpose other than the game it is intended for. No other games are allowed in the Tennis Court except for Futsal.
  6. All users must be properly attired. No street/outdoor shoes e.g. boots, high-heeled shoes or leather shoes) are allowed in the Tennis Courts, only non-marking shoes are allowed. Anyone found not complying with this would be barred from using the Tennis Court.
  7. No food or drinks are allowed (except for water) in the Tennis Courts. Smoking is strictly prohibited.
  8. Pets, skating, roller blading and cycling are not allowed in the Tennis Court(s).
  9. No climbing of the fences surrounding the Tennis Court(s) is/are allowed for the purpose of retrieving tennis balls on the other Tennis Court.
  10. No training or coaching classes are permitted either by Resident(s) and/or Guest(s) without the written approval from the Management. All Trainer(s) and/or Coach (including Resident Trainer(s)/Coach) are to be registered with the Management Office with written request indicating their credentials/qualifications and personal particulars.
  11. Children under the age 12 years and below are not permitted in the Tennis Courts unless accompanied by their parents or a supervising adult who shall be responsible for their safety and good behaviour.
  12. Residents will be responsible and liable for any damages caused by themselves or their Guests. Therefore, before the commencement of the game, report to the Security Guards for any damages caused by the previous players immediately.
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