TNB Utility Bills – Energy Saving Project

Attention to all HR owners,

For the month of March ’17(31 days), we were able to control our Electricity consumption to be below RM25k.
Block B’s consumption is slightly higher than Block A due to the usage by Numed Office & Cafe which was ranging from RM700-RM800 per month.

As for Year over Year comparison (2017 vs 2016), for the month of March’17 (RM24,713) vs March’16 (RM30,388), we had a saving of >RM6k due to the additional charges in Numed office & cafe which we will be claiming back.

We shall continue to update the status monthly and hope to push the utility bill with more projects.

— Secretary of JMB Dwi Mutiara Apartment —

Attention to all owners & residents of HR,

For the month of February 2017, we have achieved the lowest ever bill again with the total electricity consumption (common areas) for both blocks. <<RM22,780>>.

If we compare the TNB bill Year over Year(yoy),  there is no doubt that the management team have done a fantastic job to bring down our Utilities Expenses. With the savings, we intend to evolve Horizon Residence to be a more GREEN & ENVIRONMENTAL-FRIENDLY place to stay in.

We welcome any resident who is interested to share knowledge or participate in this “mission”. The “more” the “merrier”.
Kindly email to if you have any suggestions or ideas.

Thanks again for your attention and time.

— Secretary of JMB Dwi Mutiara Apartment —

For the month of January 2017, we have achieved the lowest ever utility bill(again) with the total electricity consumption(common areas) of RM26k with both blocks combined.

For the month of Jan’17, we have completed the replacement for all fluorescent tubes lighting to LED tubes. In Feb’17,  we have taken the initiative to add in timers for 24 hours lightings at carpark and convert it to run for 18 hours. Therefore, you will notice that from 12am to 6am, only half of the lightings at car park will be activated. So, please do not be alarmed.
We are expected to complete the LED bulbs replacement for all common areas by this month and then, Horizon Residence will be energy saving & environmental friendly place to stay in.
Stay tuned for the next update in March. More savings will be generated again.

–The Management–

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