Security Upgrade – Body Cameras

To all residents of HR,

Please take note that our security guards are now equipped with Body-Camera while patrolling.  All actions against by-laws will be recorded and reported accordingly.

We want Horizon Residence to be a safer place compare to the rest of apartments in Johor Bahru.

Undoubtly, we are the first again to implement this initiative for residential area and we hope to maintain the legacy which was craved out by the last JMB team. (Of being the first to implement JomPay service & by-laws in Johor)

— The Management– 

One thought on “Security Upgrade – Body Cameras”

  1. Everyone can buy a Home but not everyone Owner can be “LUCKY & BLESSED”‘ to have a Responsible, Effective & Caring Volunteer JMB to take charge of a Big Condominium. Thank You Chairman & Committee Membedr of DwiMutiara for the Hardworks.

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