4 thoughts on “Caution : Speed Bumps ahead”

  1. Many still go against traffic be it along the road surrounding our apartment or in the car park, especially in the car park. Should have cctv in the parking lots if there is, am certain you can spot many taking short cuts against the traffic flow. It does not conform to common logic, convenience over safety of self and especially others. Think that is pretty selfish.

    1. Yes, we do have cctvs at the car park.. Best way to resolve this is to educate the residents. Mentality is still most crucial because “they” will still break the system no matter what we do.. Cheers..

  2. Yes, agree. Am not pointing fingers.
    Its onus of each individual on how we want HR environment to be eventually. Having said that, preventive or deterrent measures still needs to be implemented to discourage defaulter, besides educating.

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