Warning Notice/Reminder

Dear Horizon Residence owners and residents,

This is a reminder to always remain vigilant in locking all of your doors, including balcony doors, and terraces, even when at home. There’s an increase of crime in Malaysia this year, especially due to property crime, as a whole and with a worsening economy it will not get better.
Become more aware of activities around you as you go about your normal routines. If you have any reason to be suspicious about any persons or vehicles, please immediately report it to the Management Staff and or Securtiy. In the event of an emergency, immediately call 999 (Police).

For your own safety, apply the simple crime prevention measures at home, such as locking your doors at all times and especially overnight. Practice caution!

–The Management–


One thought on “Warning Notice/Reminder”

  1. Very Good Advise. We can double enhance Our Home Security with Caring, and Friendly Neighbours. They are the Best 1st line of Defence with the Fastest Response. I have Calvin Ong my next door & Vivian Xiao Family to help out checking & looking for Me. They can inform HR Security for immediate action & follow up with SMS to Me.

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