Visitor Management System (VMS) implemented to enhance our HR security

To All HR Residents,

We are proud to announce that the Visitor Management System has been implemented(guardhouse) on 5th September for registering all visitors, contractors, property agents, etc..

Therefore, please inform your visitor to bring along their myKad IC, Driving License or Passport for registration purpose.

Do advise your visitor to be patient during the registration flow as our security guards are in process of familiarizing with the system.

Below is a quick registration flow guide;-
1) Read MyKad / Scan Passport or Driving License information to VMS. Visitor particulars(Name, Address, IC no, Photo, etc) will be captured.
2)  To obtain the following information from visitor ;
(i) HP no
(ii) Car plate no
(iii) Visitor Category
(iv) No of Visitor
(v) Purpose of Visit
(vi) Visit Time limit
(vii) Unit no to Visit (information of all 440 units have been transferred to the VMS)
3) Print BADGE and to include the Visitor Access Card (upon request) into a Clip Tag.
#There will be a fine of RM50 for any loss of Visitor Access Card upon exiting the premise.

Yet another improvement to upgrade the status of our Horizon Residence Serviced Apartment..  So, we need the cooperation of all residents to enforce this.

Thanks again


vms system
VMS software with myKAD reader, AIO printer, Desktop PC

Registration process

printed badge
Printed BADGE