Notice : HR Management Relocation – in progress

To all HR Residents,

Please be informed that our management office will be relocated soon. The new location(A-02-01) will be next to the Block A mailbox room. Renovation is in progress and we will inform all residents on the status when it is READY.

So, stay tuned for the next update.


Photo 10-5-16 3 33 20 pm
Location : Unit A-02-01 (next to the block A mailbox room)

Photo 10-5-16 3 33 05 pm
Entrance to office (Glass Door)

Photo 10-5-16 3 32 46 pm
Photo 10-5-16 3 31 42 pm
The new office will have reception & waiting area. We hope to upgrade our status and standard by having this new office.

Photo 10-5-16 3 32 19 pm
There will be a meeting room next to the waiting area.

Photo 10-5-16 3 32 01 pm
The interior office area for management staffs