Official Horizon Residence @ Bukit Indah website

Hi Owners & Residents,

First of all, it is our privilege to have you here with us in
Horizon Residence Serviced Apartment..

Go-On-Live status :  21th Nov 2015

All owners can start to register as a member first(subscriber) and will be upgraded to resident role(once verified)  in order to access to all pages, especially on the Resident Section.

Should you face difficulties, please click on WEBSITE ACCOUNT SETUP INSTRUCTIONS.

To make the deal sweeter, a successful verified account member will receive a free email account ( with unlimited storage.

Thanks again for your time. Lets continue to make Horizon Residence a better place and to be the top among the best!!!

Warmest regards,
JMB committee

p/s : We are one of the few apartments that have our own official website ( Lets be proud of it!!



7 thoughts on “Official Horizon Residence @ Bukit Indah website”

  1. Would like to raise a concern
    Why is the bomba lift of block b can be used without access card?
    We are at risk now as anyone can just access to any floor without the card
    Management, please get it fixed immediately
    We pay for the management fees to have a sound and safe environment
    We deserve that!

    1. Hi Rachel,

      This issue has been identified since last week and both the lift and access card vendors are blaming each other for it. If we activate the access card entry for Bomba lift, level 12 and above cannot be accessed even with the valid access card, hence we are bypassing the access card system for the Bomba lift. We have successfully arrange for both the lift and access card vendors to meet up on 2nd May to resolve it.
      I am also paying the maintenance fees and working voluntarily as committee member to ensure HR’s standard and a better communal living in a safe and clean environment.
      Appreciate your feedback and thanks.

  2. My dear admin and management

    With disappointment, can someone tell me what’s wrong with the block b bomba lift?
    We are unable to reach our floor despite several attempt to change the access card
    We were told that several units encounter same issue.

    It had been a couple of weeks. We had to try all ways to ‘ask’ the lift to come down.

    You know our pain??????

    Is it that difficult to get it resolved? Or our monthly fees has been channelled to OTHER areas that not ENOUGH money to get it repair?

    Give us a good explanation!!!!!

    1. Sorry for the late reply..
      We have 2 issues that caused the instability of the Bomba Lift Block B’s access card system.

      The first issue was mentioned previously answer was fixed in April.

      The second issue which was encountered by you and several card holders were due to the inability of the reader to sense certain card due to the dark acrylic cover for weakening the signal. Hence, the management have removed the cover to ensure all cards are able to be read.

      Best regards, admin

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