Punching Bag in our Gym

For those who want to release their stress and frustration or to train your martial skills, you can now use our punching bag in the gym. It was sponsored by our Numed students who reside at our HR apartment. We do encourage anyone who wants to contribute or sponsor to get in touch with our management folks.

Thanks again for the contribution.


Fiber Optics Connection Upgrade for Home Users

To All Internet Surfers,

We have another great news for you. TM will be upgrading our copper connection from MDF room to your home, to fiber optics!! 100% true fiber connection soon. No more unstable and line dropping issue once this is done. It is a free upgrade thanks to the effort by our TM service providers and it is a blessing that Horizon Residence apartment is selected..

Volunteer Smartphone Patrol

Introducing the VOLUNTEER SMARTPHONE PATROL (VSP) app by our Royal Malaysia Police 

If you happen to come across, observe, see, hear or know about a certain crime/vice in action, but you are :-
– Afraid to lodge a police report
– Do not know who to report to
– Afraid that your identity is exposed
– Do not have time to visit a nearby police station to report the incident
– No nearby police station to go to

Therefore, to resolve the issues above, Royal Malaysia Police Force have taken the initiative to make it easier for civilians to direct any criminal-vice information using the app Volunteer Smartphone Patrol(VSP).

Once you as registered as the VSP member, the entitlements are as follow :-
– Free registration
– Able to share information to RMP easily without the need to visit the station
– Your identity will remain anonymous
– Action and response time will be more efficient

So, let’s not wait any further. With this feature, we can contribute to the society and to help our authority to make our community a safer place to live in..

Roadwork in progress.. Please drive safely

To all HR residents,

In order to fix the Bomba piping leakage, the developer have instructed their contractor to dig 3 holes ; near the main entrance to the building,  near the pool holding tank and  near the tennis court area.

Therefore, please drive slowly and with cautious when entering the premise.

Thanks again for your cooperation and sorry for the inconvenience caused.


Newcastle University (NuMed) Students Accommodation Rental Rate RM2,200 per month

Latest info ;

For those who are still interested to rent out unit to Numed students through the official channel, please get in touch with Ms Nemala (+60 16 921 4410) for arrangement and discussion. Core Home mgt are still looking for 3 more units by end of the month.

Thanks again for your attention.


To all HR Proprietors,

The management of HR is currently working closely with Core Home Property Management for Newcastle University (Numed) Students Accommodation. The official rental rate per month is RM2,200 with the contract of minumum 2 year.  However, there is a list of requirements to be met before the contract can kick off.
If you are interested, please register your interest(name, contact no, unit no & email address) at the management office and Core Home staff will liaise with you.

In the recent events, deperate and unprofessional property agents had advertised the rental rate for NuMed students as low as RM1,400 per month.  To make things worse, they will use the Mahabuilders Sdn Bhd liquidation to scare owners so that thy are willing to let go the property below RM400,000.

Therefore, for clarification, the liquidation case was done voluntary due to business model restructuring and All Strata Sdn Bhd will act as the power attorney for Mahabuilders Sdn Bhd.

All Strata Sdn Bhd is currently working on our Strata Title for HR and should be ready for transfer by year end.

— The Management —

Railings (Holding Tank – Pool) Upgrade Completed

To al HR residents,

The JMB members have decided to remove the rusted railings which is an eye-sore and for safety reason. The plan is to replace it with stainless steel pool with nylon ropes.

BEFORE (rusty railings – safety concern)


(Stainless steel poles – pending for Nylon ropes)

(Stainless steel poles with Nylon ropes)

— The Management–


To all HR residents,

We are pleased to inform  that our MATV system have been upgraded to support Digital DVB-T2 system. This is to ensure that our MATV is able to support all Singapore Channels(Digital).
All Singapore Channels(Analogue) will cease to broadcast by end of the year.

If you have any enquiry or issue, please approach the management office for support.

If you current TV supports MPEG4 DVB-T2 tuner, you can proceed to tune to the digital signals once the upgrading is completed.
Alternatively, you can purchase a standalone DVB-T2 tuner(as show in the picture below) for less than RM100.

–The Management–