Web Account Setup

For Horizon Residence Owners & Residents only
*A valid account permits you to access all the pages

STEP 1 : Register an account

Fill up the form with correct details (SPA records).
Invalid data will cause your account to be suspended.
For sub-sale owners, please ensure management office has
your information updated.
register_new  register

: After clicking REGISTER

If your registration is successful, you will see the highlighted message. “Check your email for password and then return to log in” or “Registration complete”.

register success2

STEP 3 : Check your registered email for activation link.

Click on the link to activate your account.

If you do not receive the user registration email within 5 minutes
(inbox), please check your JUNK/SPAM folder.

Kindly ignore the WORDPRESS emails as horizonresidence is helping to make life easier. No more temporary password!!
ignore wordpress

STEP 4 : Login with your username & password
helloworld login
Successful login will show that you are logged in.

STEP 5 : If needed, you can change your password again.
wordpress login2

On the upper left corner, you will notice 3 small icons.
Click on horizon residence, then Dashboard.
generate password

Under Dashboard, click on Profile and create your new password.

Once you save your new password, your Profile will be updated.
Click horizonresidence then Visit Site to return.

STEP 6 :  Re-login with your new password.
sign up
Voila, you are now logged in with your new password.
Your access level will be SUBSCRIBER.
As a registered user, your role is set as subscriber. In order to upgrade your role to resident (for full access), please provide proof of ownership or tenancy to admin@horizonresidence.com.my
For the role explanation, kindly visit the FAQ site.