hr1–List of Sponsors–hr1

We, JMB of 2015/2016 would like to show our greatest gratitude and thanks to the following sponsors;

(1) Mr Ng sponsored RM8,000 for pool furnitures
(2) Ms Catherine sponsored RM5,000 cash
(3) Mr Kenny – Clean Machine sponsored 1 set of 40″ LED TV
(4) Core Home Management sponsored the following ;
      (i) 2 sets of 40″ LED TVs for Lift Lobby
      (ii) 1 set of Samsung 58″ LED TV for cafe RM2,312
       (iii) 1 set of Hisense 1HP aircond for cafe RM1,130
       (iv) 1 set of Gym equipmt (Oxford 5 Rower) RM4,751

f2f02dd1dd9aa493f1186fb3272f9592Oxford 5 Rower image

ergy Savings Project (Nov’16 to Feb’17)

Achievement :  (monthly savings of RM7k+)
Monthly TNB Bill from RM30k+(Nov’16) to RM23k+ (Feb’17)

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