Final Message from the admin of Hr website

Finally, the 4th AGM has concluded and I would like to express my congratulations to the 4th JMB new members.

I would like to take this opportunity to pen my last message before handover the website management to our Managing Agent and JMC.

To the outgoing chairman, Mr Klaus.. we have gone through such a long journey started from 2015. Managing with just RM10,000 from the developer.  Did the impossible within our capability. There were ups and downs, yet we survived through by doing all the ground works, voluntarily. Not forgetting with the support of Mr Liew & Mr Wilfred, for spending their time volunteering, attending to all the meetings  and action items.

Horizon Residence apartment is well-known for many factors, not forgetting being the first in Johor to adopt the by-laws, replacing the outdated house-rules.

Security standard was another strong point which can be seen from the strong bond with Bukit Indah Police Station. I’m really glad having Tuan Gopal to attend our 4th JMB meeting today and it is crucial to show residents that we cannot afford to be lapse on Security & Safety.

I would like to thanks All-Strata(developer) Mr Vincent(Director) & Ms Tanusha who have joined us today, to explain to residents on the Strata & Defect rectification concern. Although I’m very sorry for them as the abusive and improper manners of certain parties who did try to degrade them. Thanks again for joining to explain and clarify. Strata title shall be ready in 2019 and dear owners, please get ready cash to pay for the stamp duties for the Strata Title transfer. Not cheap. As for defects, the developer had committed to resolve them as promised, even the DLP was long over. 

With our strong and healthy financial status(as reported by the auditor), we hope the new 4th JMC can continue to improve further and to engage professionally with the developer to resolve the outstanding items. Please stop all the unnecessary slanders or lies as we are giving you an opportunity to prove your worth.

Again, I’m still an owner in Horizon Residence and have my vested interests and would not want to see all our hardwork to go down the drain.

Best Wishes,


P/S : Proof of transparency is having all minutes and financial audited accounts accessible to all registered residents.

Concern on status of strata title application

To all owners of HR,

Please refer to the letters from JMB and the reply from developer. Kindly read word by word to avoid any unnecessary misunderstanding again regarding this matter.

If you are still unclear on the letter, please attend the 4th AGM meeting on 9th Dec 2018(Sunday, 10pm) as you will have the chance to hear the explanation directly from developer’s representative.