Sound System in Gym

To all Gym Users,

You can now listen to your own songs by bringing your own usb drive and plug to the amplifier in our gym.  Alternatively, you can connect your phone via bluetooth with the settings by following the instructions below.

First come first serve basis.

Please handle with care.

To use USB thumbdrive to play songs,
Step 1 : Plug in your thumbdrive on the allocated slot
Step 2. Select INPUT to MP3 as shown in the picture below.

MP3 mode for USB thumbdrive. It will auto play the existing songs in your USB drive.

For Bluetooth Connectivity,

STEP 1 :  Select the INPUT to AUX.

STEP 2 : Press and hold the bluetooth device button(3 secs) and will see REDBLUE led light blinking.

Bluetooth device – with the BLUE led light on

STEP 3 : Connect to the Bluetooth device (Avantree CaraBasic) and you are ready to go!!


Bluetooth connected.


— The Management–