To all HR gym users,

Recently, we have been upgrading  our gym(thanks to the electricity bill savings), hence we would appreciate all residents can do your very best to maintain and take good care of the gym. Should you see anyone is misusing it, let’s do our part to inform him/her accordingly in a gentle manner. 

Thanks in advance for your attention and support .

The Management

Please adhere to the stipulated HR GYM RULES  as follow ;

    1. Do not drop weights
      Dropping weights on the floor can cause injury to yourself or others and also can damage the equipment itself. Always set it down as gently as you can. Weight lighting workout has to be performed on the designated area with rubber mat.
    2. Return or remove weights when you are finished with them
      It is a simple matter of courtesy to whoever is using the equipment after you. Kindly place back the dumbells and barbell back on the rack in the slots accordingly.  Always remove your weights from the equipment unless the next person specifically asks you to leave them on.
    3. Wear proper attire
      To wear appropriate sports attire and shoes for exercise. Slippers and sandals are not allowed. Barefoot on yoga mat is permissible.
    4. Sweat hogs
      To wipe benches off if you sweat all over them. It is advisable to put down a towel before you use the bench.
    5. No swearing
      Profanity can be offensive to others. If you have to scream in a middle of tough set, make it unintelligible.
    6. No smoking
      If you need to smoke, go to the designated smoking area as gym is a non-smoking enclosed area.
    7.  No Food/Beverages
      Cleanliness of gym is critical to ensure a healthier environment during workout. Drinking water is permitted.
    8. Switch Off all Equipment/Air-conditioning/Fans/Lightings
      After completing your session, do ensure all the electrical appliances such as fan, lightings, air-conditioning, gym equipment, etc.. are switched off for energy conservation.
    9.  Infant/Children/Teenager Admission
      Infant & children below the age 12 years are not allowed in the gym at all even with adult’s supervision. Teenagers & children below the age of 16 years old are not allowed in the gym unless under adult’s supervision.
    10. Gym Equipment
      Do not operate the equipment if you are not familiar with. If you find any defect on the equipment, please stop immediately and seek help from the management staff. The management shall hold no responsibility should any injury or damage occurred during the workout session. Therefore, please handle all the equipment with care and cautiously. As a gentle reminder, the gym is under 24 hours cctv surveillance.



#Gym will be opened from6.00am to 11.00pm daily.
# By-laws 2016 – Section 5.4 Gymnasium – page 24.


– Please return all the dumb bells and weights to its original position. Dumb bells on the rack and Iron casted weights on the barbell station.

– New dumb bells rack for 12.5kg until 25kgs.

– Additional 5kgs iron casted weights for the barbell.

Do bring along a towel to ensure the cleanliness of the benches.– New flat benches on rubber mat.

Weight lifting exercise has to be done on the designated area(rubber mat)

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”THE RULES OF THE GYM”]

Sound System in Gym

To all Gym Users,

You can now listen to your own songs by bringing your own usb drive and plug to the amplifier in our gym.  Alternatively, you can connect your phone via bluetooth with the settings by following the instructions below.

First come first serve basis.

Please handle with care.

To use USB thumbdrive to play songs,
Step 1 : Plug in your thumbdrive on the allocated slot
Step 2. Select INPUT to MP3 as shown in the picture below.

MP3 mode for USB thumbdrive. It will auto play the existing songs in your USB drive.

For Bluetooth Connectivity,

STEP 1 :  Select the INPUT to AUX.

STEP 2 : Press and hold the bluetooth device button(3 secs) and will see REDBLUE led light blinking.

Bluetooth device – with the BLUE led light on

STEP 3 : Connect to the Bluetooth device (Avantree CaraBasic) and you are ready to go!!


Bluetooth connected.


— The Management–


To all HR Residents,

Kindly display your vehicle sticker to avoid the risk of having your vehicle being clamped. 
In order to curb illegal parking and to be fair to the all season parking holders, the management have decided to enforce the vehicle clamping/unclamp flow chart below.
Please walk in to management office for assistance.  If it is after office hours, please pay the compound to the security officer and bring the issued receipt to management office for refund if you have a valid reason.
So, please do not be harsh to our security officers as they are just following the Standard Operating Procedures(SOP).
As an owner myself, I do feel the frustration of having someone’s car parking at my lot.  Therefore, lets support our security guards in enforcing this measure.
Thanks again for your attention.


Message from JMB office bearers

To all Horizon Residence Apartment Residents,

As minuted in our 8th Council Meeting 2016/17, we, JMB of Dwi Mutiara Apartment members would like to emphasize again that we are supporting Mr Klaus Lienau as the advisor for building defects management ; to liaise and interface with MB/SKS (developer). Although the DLP is over, building defects(major) rectification are still on-going.
Our Managing Agent, SIMPLICITY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SDN BHD shall work in tandem with Mr Klaus to ensure all major defects are to be resolved at the micro level.
All JMB members would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Klaus for his enormous contributions to the benefit of Horizon Residence Apartment.

Mr Teo Ming Chin
(Chairman of BPBDM 2016/17)

Mr David Lim Min Chong
(Secretary of BPBDM 2016/17)

p/s : All JMB members will be restricted from commenting in facebook and we appreciate all complaints to be diverted through the management agent.


To all HR owners,

As of May’17, our electricity consumption has been well managed, not to exceed RM25k for combination of both Block A & B.

If we compare the electricity bill year over year (2016 vs 2017), from Feb’17 onwards, we are saving at least 20% which translates to about RM7k per month.

We shall continue to move on to phase III if we have all the necessary resources and time.

However, the JMB members have decided to put in more focus on security matters and building defects rectification/remedies.

For more details on our Phase I & II Energy Savings Project, you can download the information from the following link ;

Thanks again for your attention & support.

— The Management —