Astro HD settings & DCSS configuration

To All HR Astro subscribers,

If you are currently using Astro HD PVR device with 2 SAT inputs, do take note that you will require a 2-way splitter(any brand will do) for optimizing the HD features from our common SAT DISH(DCSS enabled) and also to select DCSS setting under Satellite Settings .  Currently, if you do not use a splitter, you might experience intermittent “no signal” issue. For Astro HD device with 1 SAT input, you can ignore the 2-way splitter and proceed with the DCSS setting.
See the following pictures for a better understanding.

One of the generic brand which you can purchase from any hardware or electronics shop.

This is how the 2-way splitter is connected to the PVR.

Check under the SETTING>STB Diagnostics and you will notice both your tuners will have signal strength/quality.

Under SETTING>Installation Settings, click OK.
For the PIN Entry, input 0000 and click OK.

Select Satellite Settings and click OK.
Under Input Source, select DCSS and click OK.

Select 1. M1′ – 1232(10982) and click OK. Once selected, wait for the screen to return to this screen and click BACK.
You are ready to go to watch your subscribed HD channels.
If this step is not followed, certain HD channels cannot be viewed, giving error of no signal.

Please contact Astro personnel +6012 900 9684 for support.

— The Management —



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