JOMPAY available for BPB DWI-MUTIARA payment

We are proud to announce that our JomPay payment service will go ON-LIVE starting 18th July 2016.

JomPay – Paying your bill will never be easier. Just click and submit ; and our management will receive your payment details in real-time via email.

If you want your receipt via email, kindly inform with your JomPay reference number.

Biller Code : 2782 <BPB DWI-MUTIARA biller code>
Ref-1 : 3A03/002 <your account number, example for unit A03-02>

The JomPay account number can be found in your invoice.


JomPay is available at Internet & Mobile Banking of 42 Banks. Just click on the JomPay logo after your login to your bank account.

For more info regarding JomPay, kindly refer to


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