Message From The Chairman

It is nearing one year since the inaugural Annual General Meeting was held and it has been a continuous non-stop effort by the Joint Management Committee to deal with the magnitude of issues, whether building defects, building improvements and upgrading, security, financials, management, statuary requirements etc. Needless to say it is what you owners entrusted us in doing and I hope that you have been able to witness some change.

Saying this though, it has its challenges and to achieve the goals set and the values I adhere to are based on hard work, ethics, commitment, accountability, professionalism, teamwork and to achieve standards decisions have to be made, sometimes adverse to what has been the norm.

Herewith I wish to inform you after careful evaluation we have employed SIMPLICITY MANAGEMENT SERVICES SDN BHD as our Property Managers with effect from 01. May 2016 and it is my sincere belief we will be able to work in tandem to improve the level of service and safety through constant upgrading of standards, processes and procedures and strive to achieve ”International Standards” not just merely in name.

With regard to building defects and the building liability period (BLP) I am happy to advise that building defect works will be carried through, well beyond the period which expires 10th June 2016. This is not merely limited to what you can see and hear, but M&E, plumbing, waterproofing, grouting, tiling & other finishes. Further works will be mobilized and the workforce increased and sorry for any inconvenience to residents. Anyhow, I do believe that Horizon Residence is unique, being one of the few sites MB is paying so much attention to.

Last but not least, as much as I sympathise with the loss due to a recent burglary to a unit here, this is made easy if preventive measures are not taken such as latching the gate properly and locking the main door. Unfortunately, burglary is made easy if no forced entry is needed and this serves as a reminder to all residents and owners, since many break-is occur through residents monitoring the movements of their neighbours and break-in, when the unit is vacant.

Even though we have implemented many security measures, such as the anti-pass back, level by level access, 111 cameras working and closely monitored by our security, break-ins will still occur. Anyhow we will increase our security guards by 03rd May 2016, have additional clocking points up to 21st level and review and enhance our standard operating procedures. Security Trade-Offs are subjective and there is unfortunately no single correct level of security and all depends on what one is willing to give up in terms of convenience.

Klaus Ian Lienau
Iskandar Puteri, 26th April 2016


Notice : New Door Handles for Fire Doors

To all HR residents,

Please be informed that new door handle will be installed for all FIRE doors in each level (starting from SB to 22nd floor).
It is an effort & commitment by our MB developer to upgrade our HR.
Therefore, we will require your cooperation to ensure all FIRE doors are remained closed always for FIRE safety purpose. Fire insurance claims will be deemed invalid if this procedure is not being followed. Thanks again for your attention.